Jarve Cabin

Jarvie Cabin

This project is a renovation to an existing cabin located in Pemberton, BC, intended to expand living space in a sustainable and environmentally-appropriate manner. Shipping containers form the base of the extension, while the rest is raised up to protect against flooding from the nearby river. The exterior form of the building is designed to handle high snow loads, and the palette of black and natural cedar provides high visibility in the winter, with a gentler contrast against the surrounding vegetation during warmer months. The interior floor plan is also designed to take advantage of the surrounding natural environment – the kitchen, living room, and connecting recreational space face southwest for natural light exposure throughout the day, while bedrooms face east to catch the morning sunrise.

Location : Pemberton, BC, Canada

Sunshine Yearly Average : 1684 hours

Rainfall Yearly Average : 86 mm

Snowfall Yearly Average : 140 mm

Climate : Cold and Temperate

Date :  2018 - present

Size :  1800 sq/ft

Status :  Submitted for Building Permit