Maq Hotel

Maq Hotel Renovation

This project is a renovation to the Maq Hotel in Tofino, focused on the addition of a café and kitchen space that incorporates both natural elements and art installations from local artists. The exterior entrance of the aptly named “Orange Bear Coffee” will feature a life-size sculpture of an orange bear, surrounded by green walls populated with live local flora.  This motif of a bear emerging from the forest will be further enforced by the use of fir siding on both the inside and outside. Renovations will also involve a complete overhaul of the building’s exterior, including an envelope upgrade and the installation of overhangs for protection from the abundant West Coast rain. The coupling of natural materials and abstract local art will ensure that the Maquinna Hotel is uniquely suited to the vibrant and connected community of Tofino.

Location : Tofino, BC, Canada

Climate : Warm and Temperate

Date :  2018-present

Size :  4200 sq/ft

Status :  Under Construction