Floating Pod

Floating Pod

The Floating Pod provides the perfect blend of self-sufficiency and versatility. The bedroom is combined with a produce-bearing greenhouse, integrating the experiences of living and growing and surrounded inhabitants with the food that nourishes them. Plants are maintained by a constant slow stream of water and nutrients, designed to run over the roots and drain into a gravity-fed track. The ability to grow one’s own food, coupled with the mobility of the pontoon-mounted pod design, allows occupants the freedom to choose their desired degree of isolation from the bustle of society.

Location: Puerto Chicama, Peru

Date:  December 2018

Size:  900 sq/ft

Focus:  Residential Hydroponics 

Open Pod Axonometric

Open Pod Axonometric

Closed Pod Axonometric

Closed Pod Axonometric



Wood Shell

Prefabricated Pod

Floating Pontoons


1. The reservoir holds water and a nutrient solution. Two tubes connect to the reservoir, one of which delivers the water to the very top tray, the other is the overflow tube, which delivers the water and nutrient solution back into the reservoir. 

2. The nutrient solution is delivered via the pipe and is then dispersed across the tray. 

3. Special LED light rails to provide artificial lighting to supplement the growth of plants.

4. The overflow pipe runs the nutrient solution down to the tray below. 

5. The overflow pipe returns the nutrient solution back into the reservoir.   

6. A pump timer is used to control the frequency of the flooding.