Pender Ocean Discovery Station (PODS)

The Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station, or PODS, will be a combined research and educational facility located on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Three “pods” will act as an exclamation point on the waterfront, invoking the shape of arching trees and traditional boat hulls - these sources of inspiration come directly from the community of Pender Harbour, which has both a deep connection with nature and a rich history of fishing and boat building.   Behind, the low-profile research and conference facilities are designed to blend into the surrounding environment, with green roofs composed of native flora. The majority of PODS will be built with materials sourced within a 100km radius, including glulam fir for the structure, granite for the exterior cladding, and cedar for the interior cladding.

PODS is an ambitious and exciting project, and when completed it will serve to connect the whole community with both nature and one another. The facilities will  include: aquarium galleries and interactive exhibits, wet and dry laboratories, classroom spaces, an outdoor amphitheatre, a restaurant, and a state-of-the-art auditorium & conference centre.


Location: Madeira Park, BC

Date:  ongoing

Size: 20,000 sq/ft


Deutscher Architecture

ReLoad Energy

Happa Landscape


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