Pender Ocean Discovery Station

Location : Madeira Park, British Columbia

Date : 2015 - Present

Size : 20,000 sq/ft






PODS - Stands for the Pender Ocean Discovery Station. PODS  will be an advanced lab and aquarium building located on the Sunshine Coast in Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada.

PODS will house:


  • A beautiful, interactive subterranean aquarium
  • Interactive, hands-on exhibits
  • Wet Lab Classroom with Touch Tanks
  • An outdoor children’s amphitheatre classroom
  • Marine research laboratories for local schools as well as regional universities
  • Extensive conference facilities
  • A cafe and tea shop

The video link below contains our latest promotional video for PODS, check it out!


The PODS closed cycle diagram  illustrated below shows our holistic approach.  A Holistic approach requires a detailed understanding of numerous systems. By overlaying these systems, synergies are created resulting in a new system that has no end.  

PODS is designed with a holistic approach to inspire us to move towards a post carbon world.