Urban Reef


Urban Reef

In summer 2014, Urban Reef took over the 800-block of Robson Street. The shape was a series of wooden sections that morphed into one another and invited curiosity and exploration. Urban Reef enhanced the existing street life on Robson Street by simply reframing its current vibrancy. The sculptural form reshapes the adjacent spaces imbuing them with refreshed purpose.

The form is generated through a series of sections that suggest different types of occupation ranging from leaning to lounging. These sections morph into one another as
the form snakes along the site to create a dynamic form that sparks curiosity and invites

Location: Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Date:  Summer 2014

Focus:  Installation

Design: Jeremiah Deutscher, Kaz Bremner

Construction: Michael Siy + Kenneth Narvarra

Urban Reef_1059_A1 Design Panel 1.jpg
Urban Reef_1059_A1 Design Panel 2.jpg

Axonometric Diagram

axo [Converted]-01.png