Vertical Farm


DA Vertical Farm

In 2017 Deutscher Architecture installed a studio vertical farm.  It was with the intention of learning more about hydroponic systems and to have fresh produce available for all of its employees.  The Vertical Farm utilities a vertical drip system that provides a constant feed of nutrient solution.  Once seedlings have been grown they are inserted into a growing medium that keeps them in place along the vertical towers. For more information about this system refer to the manufactures website:

Location: Deutscher Architecture Studio

Date:  2017 

Size: 4' wide x 5 high



Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.38.20 AM.png

Exploded Axo

hydroponics drip axo [Converted]-01.jpg

Sectional Diagram

section diagram.jpg

1. Submersible pump

2. Vertical containers allows for excess nutrient solution to drip back into the reservoir

3.  Growing media for the plants roots to grow in and help support the plants weight

4. Aerogarden sponges for initial plantings of the seeds to sprout

5. Reservoir to hold the nutrient solution

6. Drip spouts to deliver nutrient solution to the plants below